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Angel Fallen by Jennifer Leighton

Angel Fallen - Jennifer Leighton

"Her knight in shining armor had arrived after all. She'd never dreamed her prince charming would turn out to be a fallen angel, but life was full of surprises."

Jessica, has long since given up on finding her happily ever after... no man could possibly live up to her, George. 

Garon, was created to love and protect, Jessie. When he is faced with the possibility of losing her forever, he does the unthinkable. 

Angel Fallen, is a beautiful story full of love and sacrifice. It was cute watching, Garon learn to navigate the world as a human. His devotion for Jessie is unparalleled. It was so sweet and with erotic love scenes that leave you feeling the steam coming off the pages. This debut novel is a well written and enjoyable read! I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

I received a copy of this book from the author, Jennifer Leighton to review.

A Reason to Live

A Reason to Live - Maureen McKade

Set after the civil war… this book shows the hard times and after effects from the war.

Laurel is a widowed, ex-confederate nurse, who is suffering from what we now know is PTSD. She is traveling alone to deliver last messages to the families of twenty-one men who died in her care.

Creede is a widowed, ex-gun for hire, who is traveling to seek answers about his son, who was killed in the war.

They meet up when Laurel is held up by two men and Creede comes to her aid. Creede beomes her unwanted protector and they travel together.

Two people alone in the world, one who is afraid to let anyone get close again and one who longs to have someone to share their life with. Creede's kindness works its way through Laurel’s aloofness and they grow to care for one another. Their love is slow building and there is a lot that Laurel had to work though, but with Creede's constant, sometimes unwanted help, she did.

I loved reading about their journey! Well written. I really enjoyed this book!

Thank you again, Jill for recommending this to me! :)

Sons of Anarchy: The Official Collector's Edition

Sons of Anarchy: The Official Collector's Edition - Tara Bennett

"I never made a concious decision to have the club become one thing or another. It just happened. Before my eyes. Each savage event was a catalyst for the next. And by the time violence reached epic porportion I couldn't see it." - John Teller 




A wonderful companion book for fans of the tv show. Well thought out and beautifully put together. My favorite part was the commentaries from the actors. I loved all of the insight that was provided, especially by Kurt and Charlie. I enjoyed reading about all of the research that went into creating the show, and all of the behind the scenes details. It took me on a trip through memory lane and reminded me why I loved this show so much. 


"I realize, as I think you did - a good father and good outlaw can't settle inside the same man." - Jax Teller




How to say Goodbye by Amber Lin

How to Say Goodbye - Amber Lin

I really enjoyed this book! I couldn't put it down. I had to know what happens with these two characters, both lonely in desperate need of love and acceptance. It was a beautiful, emotional, and at times heartbreaking story...

Amy, grew up without being hugged or even having her hand held. Dane, had to runaway at an early age to escape a very tragic situation that his father had unknowingly placed him in. He was so sweet to Amy and she was so strong for him. You could feel the love and complete acceptance they had for one another. Their love didn't come easy. They both had a lot to work through, Dane, especially. 

The ending was very sweet. It was good to see them together and happy at last. I do wish that there was an epilogue. It would have been nice to see them together after some time had passed.

Amber Lin, has a real talent for drawing you in and keeping you captivated. One of the best books I have read all year.

Booklikes Tutorials

Links to various Booklikes tutorials around the site. Thanks to all the hardworking BL members and team who contributed. This is a work in progress. More links will be added as I find them.


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[Masterpost] Customizing BookLikes

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There are quite a few tutorials on how to change the layout of your BookLikes blog. I figured it's good to have them all in one post, and I'd like to thank all who put a lot of work into making them so others can enjoy BookLikes. 


Let's start with the customization blogs posted by BookLikes: 




Tutorials made by BookLikers for BookLikers: 





Note: All links open in a new window and take you to the original posts and their creators. Leave comments, likes and reblog the hell out of them so others can see it too :) 


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